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The 69th Annual Tony Awards are taking place tonight. Helen Mirren is nominated as Best Actress in a Play for “The Audience”, and many outlets are predicting her to win. As Vulture writes, “Who will deny the Queen of England a Tony Award to go with her Oscar?” A Tony win would mean a triple crown for Mirren, joining the ranks of actors who have won an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. In anticipation of tonight’s ceremony, clips of Helen’s previous Tony appearances – including nominations for 1995’s A Month in the Country and for 2001’s Dance of Death – have been added to the video archive. Look at the coincidence at the 2002 awards ceremony with the award being presented by Helen’s former partner, Liam Neeson and his wife, the late Natasha Richardson, who also happened to be Helen’s co-star in “The Comfort of Strangers”.

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