For the past six decades, Helen Mirren's career has successfully shifted from a respected theatre actress to an iconic fixture on British television to a beloved Hollywood star. Her range of work has earned her the triple crown of acting - an Oscar for The Queen, a Tony for The Audience, numerous Emmys - including for her iconic performance in Prime Suspect - and an appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The Helen Mirren Archives chronicles Miss Mirren's life and career from the early days to the recent with information, pictures and video clips.
Year 2007
December 07, 2007
Who knew Helen Mirren could be so much fun?
December 01, 2007
When Rankin met Helen Mirren
December 01, 2007
Great Performances: Helen Mirren
October 31, 2007
Helen Mirren: We talk to the Dame
October 28, 2007
The dame’s still game
September 29, 2007
Helen Mirren: Queen, Country and going back to her Southend roots
September 01, 2007
Lotharios, love rats and why it took me 50 to find a husband
August 01, 2007
Queen Of All She Surveys
May 28, 2007
Helen Mirren: The Good, the Bad and the Queen
April 01, 2007
Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford in New Orleans
March 07, 2007
Inside the Oscars
March 06, 2007
The Morning After
March 03, 2007
Queen of the Hippies
March 03, 2007
From the archives: Soho tart Helen Mirren awaiting her next client!
March 01, 2007
Hail to the Queen: Helen Mirren's Breakout Year
March 01, 2007
The Queen in Sydney
February 01, 2007
Helen Mirren: Long May She Reign
February 01, 2007
Helen Mirren: I love being an old bird
January 19, 2007
The Silver Foxes Rule