For the past six decades, Helen Mirren's career has successfully shifted from a respected theatre actress to an iconic fixture on British television to a beloved Hollywood star. Her range of work has earned her the triple crown of acting - an Oscar for The Queen, a Tony for The Audience, numerous Emmys - including for her iconic performance in Prime Suspect - and an appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The Helen Mirren Archives chronicles Miss Mirren's life and career from the early days to the recent with information, pictures and video clips.
Year 2014
November 2014
Ageless Beauty
November 2014
The Queen of Screen
October 2014
Helen Mirren: Being called an icon is lovely
October 2014
Helen Mirren: Das Leben ist zu kurz, um sich zu langweilen
Helen Mirren
September 2014
Helen Mirren: My secret passion
August 24, 2014
Interview mit Helen Mirren: Das beste Curry gibt es in London
August 23, 2014
On the road again
August 23, 2014
Nothing like a Dame
Helen Mirren: Great Dame
August 10, 2014
The Fabulous & Feisty Helen Mirren
August 2014
Helen Mirren: I've never seen the point of marriage
August 2014
Cansei de ser sexy
July 26, 2014
Happy Birthday Ma'am
The Dame of Thrones
Oprah talks to... Helen Mirren
June/July 2014
Helen Mirren: The acclaimed actress speaks her mind on sex, love, solitude - and her passion for pomegranates
June 02, 2014
Helen Mirren: Why 70 doesn't scare me
June 2014
Serving up delight on screen
June 2014
Dame Helen Mirren talks twerking, tattoos and what happened when she met the Queen
Q&A with Helen Mirren