For the past six decades, Helen Mirren's career has successfully shifted from a respected theatre actress to an iconic fixture on British television to a beloved Hollywood star. Her range of work has earned her the triple crown of acting - an Oscar for The Queen, a Tony for The Audience, numerous Emmys - including for her iconic performance in Prime Suspect - and an appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The Helen Mirren Archives chronicles Miss Mirren's life and career from the early days to the recent with information, pictures and video clips.
Year 2016
December 2016
Life Stories: Helen Mirren
December 2016 / January 2017
Helen Mirren in light & shadow
November 2016
Women in Hollywood: Helen Mirren
November 2016
Collateral Damaged
October 02, 2016
Helen Mirren: An outspoken actress helps kids find their voices
September 09, 2016
Helen Mirren's guide to landing a gig
June 05, 2016
Dame Helen Mirren: On shameless women, good men and being sexy at 70
Helen Mirren: La ignorancia nos convierte en monstrous
May 2016
Helen Mirren: There are no rules
April 2016
Helen Mirren: La Confesion
April 2016
Tough Act
Helen Mirren: I sobbed for 20 minutes
March 2016
Helen Mirren: Ageism has crept into our society
March 01, 2016
Interview mit Helen Mirren: "Dabei gehen auch mal Dinge zu Bruch"
March 2016
Helen Mirren at 70
February 27, 2016
Helen Mirren: Angela Merkel spielen? Liebend gern!
February 22, 2016
Helen Mirren takes a stand: My no regrets policy
February 2016
Helen Mirren: It doesn't matter if you have feelings of self-doubt - the thing is to just carry on
February 2016
In the Company of Women