Jan 01

Happy New Year everybody! 2018 treats us well already with a stunning new cover and editorial in the January issue of Rhapsody Magazine. Also added have been another cover story from the December 20 issue of Vanity Fair Italia, scans from December’s Entertainment Weekly and My Weekly as well as February’s Empire Magazine with an article on the upcoming “Winchester”. Enjoy reading.

Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Empire Magazine (United Kingdom, February 2018)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Rhapsody Magazine (USA, January 2018)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Vanity Fair (Italy, December 26, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – My Weekly (United Kingdom, December 26, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Entertainment Weekly (USA, December 26, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Editorial Photography – 2017 – Session 08
Photo Gallery – Editorial Photography – 2017 – Session 04

Oct 31

Some fantastic new magazines scans have been added to the photo gallery, mostly from this year. A great find is last year’s Australian Woman’s Weekly with a new outtake as well as the Sunday Express’ S Magazine. Also, many thanks to Claudia for submitting the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly. For a complete list of new magazines, have a look at the previews below. Enjoy reading.

Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Myself Magazine (Germany, November 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Woman & Home (United Kingdom, October 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Entertainment Weekly (USA, September 29, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – F Magazine (Italy, September 06, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Entertainment Weekly (USA, September 01, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Gioia Magazine (Italy, September 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Women’s Weekly (New Zealand, August 28, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – S Magazine Sunday Exprress (United Kingdom, July 23, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Women’s Weekly (Australia, March 2016)

Aug 15

Helen Mirren is the cover star of Allure’s September issue, featuring a stunning new editorial by Scott Rindle. The article, by Allure’s editor-in-chief Michelle Lee, can be read in its entirety on their website. It’s a great read, especially because by tomorrow every media outlet will report on Mirren’s “Trump-bashing”, which isn’t happening, if you still believe in voicing an opinion and bashing a person are two separate things. Here’s a short excerpt from the wonderful interview, pictures can be found below: Not only in her career but also in life, the woman’s got range. She’s the blueprint for every Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone who came after her, proving that you can be outspoken yet respected by so many disparate groups if you stay wholly true to yourself. During our morning together, I learn that Mirren is a fan of condiments (her scrambled eggs get ketchup and Tabasco). She’s a self-professed terrible procrastinator. She loves to sleep late. She’s a generous conversationalist who asks copious questions. Her perfect day consists of a long family barbecue in New York, then England, then Los Angeles, and ideally she’d have a teleportation machine.

Nov 30

Helen Mirren graces the cover of AARP Magazine’s December 2016 / January 2017 cover. Their website not only features a stunning new pictorial but also an in-depth interview with lots of great insight on her career and living in America, traveling the US as a young theater actress, her “Collateral Beauty” co-stars and the constant pressure (or rather constant question) of eternal youth: “The best thing about being over 70 is being over 70. Certainly when I was 45, the idea of being 70 was like, “Arghhh!” But you only have two options in life: Die young or get old. There is nothing else. The idea of dying young when you’re 25 is kind of cool — a bit romantic, like James Dean. But then you realize that life is too much fun to do that. It’s fascinating and wonderful and emotional. So you just have to find a way of negotiating getting old psychologically and physically.” The full interview can be read over at the AARP website.

Nov 12

Marie Claire has posted a wonderful extensive article on Helen Mirren, featuring a couple of stage photographs and a school picture on their website: When Helen Mirren was invited to appear on Michael Parkinson’s eponymous chat show in 1975, he must have assumed she would be one of his less contentious guests. This was her first primetime appearance and he was the doyen of celebrity interviews – how could it possibly go wrong? Yet it did – for him – as seen when the footage resurfaced on social media and went viral last August. When Parkinson blithely suggested her ‘equipment’ (nodding towards her breasts) might detract from her acting, Mirren didn’t simper and giggle as he clearly expected her to. Instead, quietly ‘enraged’ as she would later reveal, the actress – then 30 – shut down his sexist questioning with masterful aplomb: ‘I’d like you to explain what you mean by “my equipment”, you mean my fingers? Come on, spit it out,’ she urged him, before dismissing his questions as ‘boring’. Now a Dame, with her latest film Collateral Beauty hitting cinemas this December, she is one of only 13 actresses ever to have achieved what’s known as the Triple Crown of Acting – winning a Tony, Emmy and Oscar. Born Illiana Lydia Petrovna Mironova on 26 July, 1945, in west London, she was one of three children. Her Russian father Vasily, a civil servant, anglicised their names when Helen was nine. Her mother, Kathleen, was the daughter of an east London butcher who supplied meat to Queen Victoria. The family relocated to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, when Mirren was two, because her parents felt the seaside was a nicer place to raise children. Mirren is fiercely proud of her roots. ‘I am still very much an Essex girl,’ she said. ‘My poshed-over voice was all learnt.’ The complete article can be read here.