Nov 03

Just when I thought how extensive the press coverage for “Catherine the Great” has been, another big batch of new cover stories and articles has come our way, thanks to next week’s release of “The Good Liar” in the United Kingdom. This will be another exciting project and a great way to end the way, especially since every article so far stay tight-lipped about the plot and the many twists and turns. Among the new magazine additions are cover stories from The Mail on Sunday, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sunday edition and The Irish Times, while there are additional cover stories for “Catherine the Great” from the Australian Foxtel and the British Sky Watch, with many thanks to Alvaro for sending them in. Also, make sure to visit the press library, where many of these articles can be read in full. Enjoy the new additions!

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Nov 01

Back in 2013, when I opened this website, the initial idea was to delve deep into Helen Mirren’s career and provide a comprehensive source to learn more about her time with the Royal Shakespeare Company, her odd film projects in the 1970s and 1980s and the iconic “Prime Suspect” – basically everything worth to know about Helen Mirren before she became “The Queen”. Hence the title of this website, The Helen Mirren Archives has lacked the proper archive I have envisioned for so long. Until today. You can now read information and find media on each year of Helen’s career, starting back in 1963 when she joined the National Youth Theatre. There’s a lot to discover, as each page is filled with pictures, quotes, shortcuts to multimedia and bits on the real-life characters she has portrayed. I hope that much more information will be added to the sites in the future to make it the definite Helen Mirren Archives. Enjoy!






Oct 30

Earlier today, Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen joined director Bill Conden and producer Greg Yolen at a photocall for “The Good Liar” on a London rooftop. Surely there will be some press junket interviews following soon. Pictures from the photocall have been added to the photo gallery.

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Oct 29

The Good Liar, out November 8, is an onion of deception. Starring Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren as two widows with hidden agendas who meet each other online, each scene peels back another layer of lies; another elaborate moment of theatre. Almost every detail of the film is a spoiler. Adapted from the Nicholas Searle thriller of the same name, this exhilarating film is directed by Bill Condon, and Mirren and McKellen are joined by Years and Years star Russell Tovey and Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter. On Monday 28 October, an exclusive screening of The Good Liar was held in London, hosted by Mirren, McKellen, Tovey and Condon, who were also interviewed. Pictures from the premiere have been added to the photo gallery.

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Oct 29

According to Deadline, Oscar-winning duo Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren will play husband and wife in Roger Michell’s art heist comedy movie The Duke for Pathé. I can reveal that the film is officially greenlighted and will shoot in January 2020. The script by Richard Bean (One Man, Two Guvnors) and Clive Coleman is based on the real-life story of 60-year-old taxi driver Kempton Bunton who, in 1961, stole a Goya painting from the National Gallery in London. Bunton sent a ransom note saying he would only return the picture on condition that the UK government agreed to provide free TV for the elderly. However, it turned out he was spinning a web of lies, with the full story not emerging for another 50 years. The incident was the first, and still only, theft in the National Gallery’s history. Producers on the project are Nicky Bentham (Moon) for her UK banner Neon Films with Pathé, Ingenious Media and Screen Yorkshire. Executive Producers are Cameron McCracken and Jenny Borgars for Pathé, Andrea Scarso for Ingenious Media, and Hugo Heppell for Screen Yorkshire. Pathé will distribute the film in the UK, France and Switzerland and will handle sales for the rest of the world, commencing at AFM next week. Yesterday, the company also announced a new entry in the Asterix & Obelix franchise of successful French movies, which will also be on its AFM slate. Director Michell is coming off the back of Blackbird, with Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill and Kate Winslet, which premiered at TIFF. Nicky Bentham has been working on the project for four years since responding to a cold email from the grandson of Kempton Bunton. “He contacted me directly saying he had a story, it was a one paragraph email. A lot of those things come through your inbox but this one caught my eye, so I started researching the details,” Bentham told us. “I thought, ‘surely that’s not true?’ But the more I looked the more I was amazed that it actually happened.” The producer visited the family, discovering a wealth of source material including press clippings, court transcripts, family photos and original writings by Bunton, who turned out to be an amateur playwright. Bentham believed the natural home for the project was Pathé, due to the company’s track record producing comparable projects (see Florence Foster Jenkins, Suffragette, The Queen). “Pathé was the first call I made. It’s a very British story in its sensibility, quirkiness and humor – I knew they’d be able to get to the best version of it.” Broadbent was such a clear frontrunner for the lead role that Bentham says they didn’t even write a list, “If you look at the pictures [of Bunton] it’s hard to imagine anyone else.” Luckily he responded quickly and positively to the material, as did Mirren when sent the screenplay.