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Video Archive: interview
  • January 22, 1987   |   3389 views
    January 22, 1987. Playwright Edna O'Brien and Helen Mirren are interviewed during rehearsals for "Madame Bovary".
  • May 1, 1985   |   3471 views
    May 1985. Helen Mirren visits Terry Wogan's talkshow to talk about her life and career, during which she loses her pearls, much to her own and the audience's delight.
  • November 18, 1984   |   5331 views
    November 18, 1984. Helen Mirren is interviewed at the Evening Standard British Film Awards after winning Best Actress for "Cal".
  • April 6, 1984   |   6461 views
    1984. Television special on the making of "2010 The Year We Make Contact", featuring scenes from the making of. Hosted by Leonard Nimoy.
  • December 1, 1983   |   3244 views
    December 01, 1983. Helen Mirren talks about Peter Brook in a Channel 4 profile on the director.
  • December 15, 1982   |   3445 views
    December 15, 1981. Helen Mirren is interviewed in Stratford while appearing in "Antony and Cleopatra". She talks about returning from Los Angeles.
  • May 11, 1979   |   4403 views
    May 11, 1979. Helen Mirren speaks of the genius of Shakespeare on the British talkshow "Afternoon Plus".
  • May 29, 1975   |   4543 views
    May 29, 1975. The now-infamous interviews features Shakespeare Royal Company's member Helen Mirren on Michael Parkinson talkshow.
  • April 1, 1973   |   3965 views
    Excerpt from the documentary "The Empty Space" on Peter Brook's International Centre for Theatre Research, including an interview with Helen Mirren.

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