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Sep 23

With over 60 films under her belt, Helen won an Emmy in 2006 for her lead role in TV mini-series, Elizabeth I, and the following year, won an Oscar for her outstanding portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. Now she is marking her return to the small screen in style, after a decade long absence, playing Catherine the Great in a new Sky period drama that promises to be jam-packed full of politics, passion and power. The story charts the dramatic rise and fallof arguably the most powerful female monarch in history.

The four-part historical drama will focus on the final stages of Catherine’s reign and her affairwith Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin -the man who ultimately helped her shape Russia’s future and expand the country’s Empire. Helen explains that she hopes she can change the perception of the Russian monarch, often remembered more for her promiscuity than her politics. “History tried to drag Catherine down because history doesn’t really like very successful, powerful women. I hope we are going to reinstate her reputation as the incredible leader that she was. I’m not saying she didn’t have her faults. She made mistakes and finished up quite tyrannical but she was originally a reformer of this vast, vast country.” The complete article can be read in the press library.

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