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Feb 15

I’ve been catching up with Helen’s projects from 2019 that haven’t been screencapped – and with many thanks to the great Mouza, I have not one but two fantastic updates for today. First up is “Anna”, Luc Besson’s KGB assassin thriller that was released last Summer and stayed completely under the radar, most certainly due to the allegations against its director. The film certainly didn’t deserve it. While you have to look past some incredible goofs (USB drives and Windows laptops in the early ’90s?!) I thoroughly enjoyed this film for what it is – popcorn entertainment. It also boasts one of Helen’s funnier characters of late, as Anna’s frosty superior Olga. There’ll always be films about sexy assassins, probably as long as Besson is making movies, but the real stretch would be to give Mirren’s Olga a franchise. Screencaptures from the Blu-Ray, including the making of, deleted scenes and an interview with Helen, have been added to the photo gallery.

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