May 17

Dame Helen Mirren thanked NHS nurses on Instagram to mark International Nurses Day on Tuesday (12 May), using L’Oreal’s famous phrase, “Because you’re worth it” in her tribute. In the video, she thanked healthcare workers for everything they have been doing throughout the coronavirus pandemic. She said: “Today is International Nurses Day. Now, I work for L’Oreal and maybe some of you may know they have the famous phrase, ‘Because you’re worth it’. Well, today of all days, we can say with our hands on our hearts, truthfully, and sincerely, to the nurses, you are worth it. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and for everything you will be doing in the future.” Mirren then went on to suggest that, if nurses come to negotiate their salaries, they should also take inspiration from the L’Oreal catchphrase. She added: “And, in the future, when you come to negotiate your pay rises, you can say altogether, very loudly, ‘Because we’re worth it.'”

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