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During the Christmas Holidays, I recapped some of Helen’s films that I found in better quality – and which serve as a great testament of her acting range if you throw these three films togehter: There’s “Eye in the Sky” from 2015, in which Helen played a UK-based military colonel in command of a secret drone opteration. Then, there’s Paul Schrader’s 1990 drama/horror “The Comfort of Strangers”, which is one of the most deranged projects in Helen’s career. Nevertheless, it was great seeing the restored version in such great quality, I hope the screencaptures show, it remains a guilty pleasure. The third film is a 1982 BBC adaptation of Stephen Poliakoff’s “Soft Targets”, in which Helen draws Ian Holm’s Soviet journalist character into the eccentric upper-middle-class English life. Enjoy the new screencaptures.

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