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It has been a big week for “1923” and its upcoming release on Paramount+ on December 18. Premieres for the first season of the “Yellowstone” spin-off were held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with additional appearances made for a SAG/AFTRA conversation panel, yesterday. Pictures from all events have been added to the photo gallery.

“He’s fabulously hands-off. He presents the script, and it’s so extraordinary that you don’t want to change a word. You want to do it exactly as it’s written because it’s written with incredible precision but without being labored. To be able to be a part of a franchise in a world that is so singular on American television is very exciting. There’s nothing else quite like it.” (Helen Mirren on Taylor Sheridan, The Hollywood Reporter, December 02, 2022)

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Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2022 – “1923” SAG/AFTRA Conversation Panel
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2022 – “1923” Premiere (Los Angeles)