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On a Friday full of surprises, Helen Mirren not only made her music video debut in Kendrick Lamar’s “Count Me Out”, she’s also narrating the teaser trailer for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming “Barbie” film. For the latter, it is not known yet if Mirren also narrates the film, which will star Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and will premiere next Summer. In the former video, a visual for the “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” album cut, Helen is featured as Lamar’s therapist, with the two in session. She asks him about an interaction he had with a woman in a parking lot, where the woman accused Lamar of stealing her parking spot. Kendrick makes a joke and the two have a laugh about the incident before the therapist digs deeper, asking him why he texted her “I feel like I’m fallen” at 2 a.m. The Dave Free and Lamar-directed “Count Me Out” video then cuts to different scenes as he attempts to answer her question. Kendrick is seen in various settings: the desert, among a herd of goats, in the car, having drinks with friends—one of whom is Jack Dorsey—and more.

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