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When the first Shazam! debuted in April 2019, it struck theaters like a bolt of lightning. Even in a crowded sea of superhero flicks, David F. Sandberg’s charming DC film stood out for being funny, fresh, and full of heart. With the sequel hitting theaters March 17, Warner Bros. has shared a new trailer for Fury of the Gods, teasing Levi’s return and the introduction of some very starry villains. To accompany the trailer’s release, Sandberg has also talked to Entertainment Weekly, giving us more insight on casting Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren as the villains in the film:

To play these devious daughters, Sandberg recruited some big names: Lucy Liu plays Kalypso, while Oscar winner Helen Mirren stars as her sister Hespera. “It was a dream to work with them,” the director says. “We aimed high when we cast the movie, and we got exactly what we wanted. They’re both so kickass. You kind of have an expectation, like, ‘Oh, it’s Dame Helen entering the set!'” Sandberg adds with a laugh. “But the first day she came on, she’s like, ‘Yeah! We need more p—y power on set! We’re here now!’ and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!'”

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