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Helen Mirren graces the cover of DuJour Magazine‘s Fall issue with an interview to promote the theatrical release of “Golda” and a fantastic new photoshoot. When Dame Helen Mirren was 12, her family took her to see an amateur production of Hamlet by the Southend Shakespeare Company in Essex. “It must have been terrible and I didn’t really understand it, but the whole experience was a revelation,” says Mirren. It was her first real exposure to the theater, and it made her realize she needed to be an actor. The complete article can be read on their website.

The play, the lights going down, the amazing story being told, the complexity of the dialogue – it all just exploded in my mind, the way things can do when you’re a prepubescent teenager. You know those books where there are thousands of pages and the print is really tiny? I found that and started reading about these incredible characters, from Caliban to Queen Margaret. Shakespeare is a lifetime of work and has perhaps become her own lifetime of work. Even then, it’s the great wonder of Shakespeare that you never quite get to the end of it. I’m a great believer that Shakespeare shouldn’t be read until you’ve seen it. I still love to go.

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