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Helen Mirren might be the last person to expect in a commercial for Uber Eats – but the dame is there, and she delivers. She’s also in good company, as additional commercials feature Idris Elba and Michael Cera. Tapping into the actress’s poised roles on the big screen, the commercial shows Mirren having an inner monologue about what she should order. “Like ants, the people of the city scurried,” Mirren says in a distinguished tone while looking out the window. “Above them all, a Dame – ugh, Helen, you’re narrating again, you stupid sausage,” she interrupts herself, switching into a casual voice. “Oh, I’d love a sausage.” The commercial is accompanied by an interview in People, in which Helen “dishes” about kitchen mishaps and go-to takeout orders. Screencaptures from the clip and a promotional still have been added to the photo gallery.

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