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A late Christmas surprise is coming our way from Vanity Fair Italy’s December 29 issue with Helen Mirren on the cover and an in-depth interview inside in which she dishes on the recent release of “Golda” and its time in recent history, the January release of “White Bird” (which has been pushed by its American distributor to October 2024) and enjoying the Italian life. A translated version can be found in the press archive with the cover being added to the photo gallery. Enjoy the additions and a Happy New Year to everybody.

I read many history books and it seems clear to me that horror has always been a constant in the human condition. What was Alexander the Great great for? For killing millions of innocents? And Stalin? I grew up in England with the troubles (the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, ed.) and I saw how these pseudo-racial conflicts can last indefinitely, unless truly excellent leaders are found. I believe, and perhaps I’m wrong, that if there were more women in politics things would be different. You know, seeing these summits with heads of state that are almost always all men makes me angry, frustrates and saddens me. I would like to see parties made up of half women, in every part of the world. (Helen Mirren, Vanity Fair Italy, December 29, 2023)

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