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Fans who have been wondering what will happen to Cara (Helen Mirren), Jacob (Harrison Ford), Spencer (Brandon Sklenar), Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer), and the rest of the Dutton clan in Season 2 of “1923” won’t have that much longer to wait. In an interview with Fox News, Sklenar revealed that the show is set to resume rolling cameras after taking quite a long break. “I will [get a chance to film with my co-stars] in the last eight episodes that we’re about to start,” he said. That means “1923” may be back with its second season by the fall or winter months of 2024. Shooting on “1923,” like on many other Hollywood productions, was paused during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which began in the summer of 2023 and concluded in the fall. With deals in place for both unions, filming on the program will resume for the first time since June 2023. And that’s a good thing because the Duttons were left in quite the pickle when the show took its first break between seasons.