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Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford are the testimonials of the “Centro Ilma”, the multidisciplinary institute for the prevention and fight against tumors that the Lilt of Lecce is completing on the outskirts of Gallipoli and which will deal with applied research on environmental causes of cancer, early diagnosis, physical rehabilitation and psychological support, as well as home health and social care for terminally ill patients and scientific dissemination. A “popular initiative” project, financed entirely thanks to the donations and solidarity of the Salento population. The golden couple of cinema, husband and wife in life, will support the awareness campaigns on the prevention of oncological diseases promoted by the Lecce Cancer League, as well as the completion of the Ilma Center directed by the oncologist Giuseppe Serravezza. The couple also created two video messages to support the Institute and research. Hackford also underlined in particular the need to say a firm “no” to smoking as the first fundamental prevention action. “The contact with the two artists took place in a few days”, explained the oncologist Serravezza. “When we presented them with the Ilma Center and the activities carried out by Lilt of Lecce, the couple, despite being abroad and busy on set in different places, immediately and willingly accepted our invitation. A demonstration of extraordinary sensitivity and commitment, translated into concrete action in no time. For this we extend our most sincere thanks to them.”

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