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People Magazine spoke with Helen Mirren during last week’s Cannes Film Festival: It’s been two years since Helen Mirren covered PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue, and the Oscar winner is still preaching the power of swagger. The L’Oréal Paris ambassador spoke to PEOPLE this week from the Cannes Film Festival about her own journey to self-acceptance. Mirren, 78, recognizes that there are “beautiful people in the world,” like Naomi Campbell and David Beckham, but she does not fall into that category, “which is fine by me,” she says. “I look okay, but I’m not that beautiful. But we are all individuals and we all have our own individuality. And I think ultimately it’s just embracing that and allowing yourself to be what you are.” Despite this, Mirren notes that young women are “terribly vulnerable” to wanting to be something else. For the actress, it was aspiring to be England’s “It” girl of the ’60s. “I desperately wanted to be Twiggy,” she shares, “and I absolutely was not Twiggy in any sense.” However, the 1923 actress continues, “The real trick is to learn to accept yourself and love yourself, accept your absolute individuality and be proud of it.” During her time in Cannes, Mirren also attended the Lights on Women Award ceremony on May 24, which was launched by L’Oréal Paris in 2021 and celebrates future female filmmakers. The complete article can be read over at People Magazine.