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Donald Sutherland, whose performances in such films as M*A*S*H, Ordinary People and The Hunger Games proved he could portray sinister, sympathetic, comedic or tragic with equal aplomb, has died. He was 88. Sutherland died Thursday in Miami after a long illness, CAA’s Missy Davy told The Hollywood Reporter. Remarkably, Sutherland was never even nominated for a competitive Oscar, though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made up for the oversight by giving him an honorary statuette in November 2017 at the Governors Awards. He twice collaborated with Helen Mirren – the first time in the long-forgotten “Bethune: Making of a Hero”, about the life and death of Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician who served as a combat surgeon during the Chinese Civil War. More recently, Sutherland and Mirren shared the screen in 2017’s “The Leisure Seeker”. Helen Mirren paid tribute to Sutherland via The Hollywood Reporter:

Donald Sutherland was one of the smartest actors I ever worked with. He had a wonderful enquiring brain, and a great knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. He combined this great intelligence with a deep sensitivity, and with a seriousness about his profession as an actor. This all made him into the legend of film that he became. He was my colleague and became my friend. I will miss his presence in this world. (Helen Mirren, The Hollywood Reporter, June 20, 2024)