Apr 03

We’ve been really blessed lately with Helen Mirren covers. The German edition of Vogue has put her on their front alongside Sharon Stone and Iris Berben in an issue dedicated to strong women during this difficult time: How to put into words what is indescribable? A few days ago – it feels like hours – many of us were in Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London and Berlin for this edition. Business as usual. We went shoulder to shoulder in the editorial office to select images, discuss texts, discuss layouts and make plans. Of course, we followed the news from China, worried about friends and colleagues there. Hoped that everything will go well. The danger seemed so far away. We would like to dedicate this issue to these heroes. Because respectful courage is also – even if it is “only” about coping with personal crises and challenges – that unites the cover stars of this edition and makes them role models. Whether Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren or Iris Berben, the lives of these women show that no matter what your age, you can outgrow yourself. That it is never too late to raise your voice when something goes wrong. And: that hope and optimism must never die. Vogue’s May issue releases April 7 in Germany.

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Mar 26

Helen Mirren graces the April 2020 cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly. Have a look at the wonderful covery story and article below.

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Mar 07

Helen Mirren couldn’t be busier right now as a L’Oreal Paris ambassador. Her appearance with Viola Davis last week to launch the Age Perfect Cosmetics line has attracted interviews in Allure, Grazia, Vanity Fair and People Magazine. Two new commercials with Helen and Viola have been released as well for the campaign. They have been added to the video archive, alongside some other “Age Perfect” commercials from 2019. And to celebrate the International Women’s Day, L’Oreal Paris and The Prince’s Trust have invited their ambassadors to tell what self-worth means to them and to celebrate the women in their lives who empower them in their moments of self-doubt in a new promotional video. All clips and screencaptures have been added to the archives. Have a look at the complete list below.

Nov 16

Dame Helen Mirren greets me enthusiastically on the phone from New York City after a day of promotion for her latest thriller, The Good Liar, in anticipation of digitally featuring as Flaunt’s first Annual Icon. I’m over 3000 miles away in Manchester, England. The first thing Mirren wants to talk about is not her current film, nor her other high-profile role in HBO’s Catherine the Great which is currently airing, but Manchester—the city where she arrived as a young actress in 1965. Mirren eventually returned to the city 26-years-later for her life-changing, BAFTA and Emmy winning performance as Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect. “I owe Manchester a great deal,” Mirren says fondly. “I had my very first professional job in Manchester and of course Prime Suspect came out of Manchester and it was filmed there too. I hold it very close to my heart.” For a time in the late 1960s, Manchester was a home-away-from-home for Mirren as she appeared in several Braham Murray-directed plays at the city’s Century Theatre. Her initial route in came via the UK’s Youth Theatre scheme where those without the means to afford astronomical drama school fees were supported into a career in the arts via a vocational route. “I was dying to go to RADA but I couldn’t,” Mirren says, sadly. Yet her talents were quickly spotted: months later she was hired by the Royal Shakespeare Company where she soon became one of the company’s most acclaimed actors. Eventually, Mirren appeared on prime-time British television where her gritty portrayal of the ambitious Tennison—one of the first female detective chief inspectors of the metropolitan police—changed her career forever: it changed the face of women on screen forever too. The complete article can be read over at Flaunt Magazine.

Nov 03

Just when I thought how extensive the press coverage for “Catherine the Great” has been, another big batch of new cover stories and articles has come our way, thanks to next week’s release of “The Good Liar” in the United Kingdom. This will be another exciting project and a great way to end the way, especially since every article so far stay tight-lipped about the plot and the many twists and turns. Among the new magazine additions are cover stories from The Mail on Sunday, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sunday edition and The Irish Times, while there are additional cover stories for “Catherine the Great” from the Australian Foxtel and the British Sky Watch, with many thanks to Alvaro for sending them in. Also, make sure to visit the press library, where many of these articles can be read in full. Enjoy the new additions!

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