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Nov 16

Dame Helen Mirren greets me enthusiastically on the phone from New York City after a day of promotion for her latest thriller, The Good Liar, in anticipation of digitally featuring as Flaunt’s first Annual Icon. I’m over 3000 miles away in Manchester, England. The first thing Mirren wants to talk about is not her current film, nor her other high-profile role in HBO’s Catherine the Great which is currently airing, but Manchester—the city where she arrived as a young actress in 1965. Mirren eventually returned to the city 26-years-later for her life-changing, BAFTA and Emmy winning performance as Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect. “I owe Manchester a great deal,” Mirren says fondly. “I had my very first professional job in Manchester and of course Prime Suspect came out of Manchester and it was filmed there too. I hold it very close to my heart.” For a time in the late 1960s, Manchester was a home-away-from-home for Mirren as she appeared in several Braham Murray-directed plays at the city’s Century Theatre. Her initial route in came via the UK’s Youth Theatre scheme where those without the means to afford astronomical drama school fees were supported into a career in the arts via a vocational route. “I was dying to go to RADA but I couldn’t,” Mirren says, sadly. Yet her talents were quickly spotted: months later she was hired by the Royal Shakespeare Company where she soon became one of the company’s most acclaimed actors. Eventually, Mirren appeared on prime-time British television where her gritty portrayal of the ambitious Tennison—one of the first female detective chief inspectors of the metropolitan police—changed her career forever: it changed the face of women on screen forever too. The complete article can be read over at Flaunt Magazine.

Nov 03

Just when I thought how extensive the press coverage for “Catherine the Great” has been, another big batch of new cover stories and articles has come our way, thanks to next week’s release of “The Good Liar” in the United Kingdom. This will be another exciting project and a great way to end the way, especially since every article so far stay tight-lipped about the plot and the many twists and turns. Among the new magazine additions are cover stories from The Mail on Sunday, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sunday edition and The Irish Times, while there are additional cover stories for “Catherine the Great” from the Australian Foxtel and the British Sky Watch, with many thanks to Alvaro for sending them in. Also, make sure to visit the press library, where many of these articles can be read in full. Enjoy the new additions!

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Oct 26

Over the last, there have been numerous interviews, an appearance on “The Talk, as well as articles and editorial pictures to promote the television broadcast of “Catherine the Great” in the United States. For a complete list of all the material that has been updated to the site, have a look at the previews below.

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Oct 19

Helen Mirren is featured in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly with an interview to promote the November release of “The Good Liar”: Helen Mirren is on the move. It’s late September, and the 74-year-old actress is calling from a train station business lounge in London, where she’s about to board the Eurostar to Paris. The night before, she arrived at the U.K. red carpet premiere of her miniseries Catherine the Great carried by appropriately regal footmen. Now she’s headed to France, where she’ll walk the runway (barefoot) at L’Oreal Paris’ 2019 fashion show. Just a few days prior, she was busy on the set of Fast & Furious 9, reprising her role as an elegant underworld mastermind, and she can next be seen in The Good Liar (in theaters Nov. 15), a twisty thriller about an unassuming widow (Mirren) taken in by a charming grifter (Ian McKellen). In other words, the Oscar winner is having a busy fall. For EW’s Fall Movie Preview issue, we caught up with Mirren to talk about The Good Liar, manservants, beauty, and the art of deceit — at least until her train departs.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This movie takes multiple twists and turns. What about it hooked you?
HELEN MIRREN: It was a combination of my costar Ian McKellen and of course the director, Bill Condon. It’s a very interesting script, a wonderful, twisty thriller that I thought would be fun to do. It’s nice to do a film about old people that’s not about Alzheimer’s or cancer, if you know what I mean. [Laughs]

You and Ian McKellen have starred together on Broadway, but this is your first film together, which surprised me.
It is kind of surprising. I missed the whole Lord of the Rings thing, so it’s great to be in a real chunky, proper movie together.

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Oct 14

She’s played royalty so often, sometimes we forget Dame Helen Mirren isn’t a real queen. She may as well be – and it seems the beloved actress had the same idea at the premiere of her new regally inspired mini-series “Catherine the Great” where she was carried along the red carpet in a golden sedan chair by four burly blokes. With millions of dollars worth of Chopard diamonds dripping from her ears and neck and her enviable figure clad in couture, Helen would have put a real royal to shame – not that she’d ever behave like a royal. She’s the woman Michael Parkinson once labelled a “sex queen” who projected a “sluttish eroticism” – but who decades later won an Oscar for portaying no less then The Queen. You can read the full article of Helen’s recent cover story in the photo gallery.

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