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Oct 29

The Good Liar, out November 8, is an onion of deception. Starring Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren as two widows with hidden agendas who meet each other online, each scene peels back another layer of lies; another elaborate moment of theatre. Almost every detail of the film is a spoiler. Adapted from the Nicholas Searle thriller of the same name, this exhilarating film is directed by Bill Condon, and Mirren and McKellen are joined by Years and Years star Russell Tovey and Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter. On Monday 28 October, an exclusive screening of The Good Liar was held in London, hosted by Mirren, McKellen, Tovey and Condon, who were also interviewed. Pictures from the premiere have been added to the photo gallery.

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Oct 19

Also on Thursday, Helen Mirren was the star at the Los Angeles premiere for “Catherine the Great”. The many romances of Catherine the Great have been the stuff of legend for centuries, and after playing the famed 18th century Russian empress at the center of HBO’s miniseries Catherine the Great, Dame Helen Mirren says that like dating app users today, Catherine enjoyed swiping right. “I think she liked to have someone to laugh with, she liked to have someone to have dinner with — I think she would have been probably on Tinder in this day and age, as so many other people are,” Mirren told The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of the four-hour mini, held appropriately at the antiquities-minded Hammer Museum in Los Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood. “So, yes, she liked men. Definitely. And she had a sexual life, as well as a political life. But as she said, ‘My problem is I love love too much. History’s always fantastic,” Mirren told THR. “When you play these historical characters and you start really looking at what they achieved in a day, it really takes your breath away. They almost seem to be superhuman.” Over 240 pictures from the premiere have been added to the photo gallery.

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Oct 15

Helen Mirren is no stranger to playing powerful female rulers operating in the world of men. Her latest endeavor, Catherine the Great, is no different as she brings the story of the extraordinary 18th century Russian Empress to life in the upcoming HBO limited series. At the New Yorker festival screening of the first episode, Mirren was joined by co-star Jason Clarke, who plays Catherine’s military leader and lover Grigory Potemkin, for a Q&A moderated by Juilliard Drama Director Evan Yionoulis. While the four-part series charts Catherine’s shaky beginnings as a ruthless but progressive empress following a coup that overthrew her late husband, it equally follows Catherine’s passionate love affair with Potemkin and its sweeping impact on the Russian empire. Read on for four takeaways about the series, including its inspirations and some surprising similarities.

Unlike Catherine the Great when she took power, Helen Mirren has Russian roots.

While Catherine herself was Prussian-born, making the scope of her rule even more extraordinary, Mirren is Russian on her father’s side. Her paternal grandfather was a member of the Russian Imperial Army and her original family name was “Mironoff.” “I was made aware of Russian history by my grandfather when I was 7 or 8, listening to him tell stories of the dacha and where the horses were kept,” Mirren recalls. “And he’d tell of a sleigh ride that took four days from Moscow to our family estates in Russia.” These tales gave Mirren an early start, but it wasn’t until later in life when she began reading Russian history that she became specifically fascinated with Catherine the Great.

Catherine’s real-life letters were a valuable source of research for Mirren and Clarke.

Catherine and Potemkin’s correspondence, which still exists, proved to be a treasure trove of information about an era predating photos and videos. The letters of love and yearning when Potemkin was away at war fighting the Turks provided a script for Mirren and Clarke’s characters to follow. “They were so intimate, so sweet, but at the same time you could see their jealousy and their angst — you saw the whole relationship beautifully expressed in those letters,” Mirren said. “You could see the way he made her laugh, and her sexual obsession with him, but it was true love.” “You see in what they wrote that she was the center of his universe,” Clarke agreed. “He just couldn’t get enough of this woman on all different levels. Initially she was his teacher and educator; then he was her attack dog or war man. Their relationship was incredible, like nothing I’d ever read.”

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Sep 28

Earliert today, L’Oreal has hosted its annual runway show featuring an all-star cast of movie stars, singers and supermodels celebrating female empowerment on the sidelines of Paris Fashion Week. Cheryl Cole made a spectacular return to the runway for the L’Oreal Le Défilé show, wearing a black leather mini dress. She appeared alongside long-time brand ambassador Eva Longoria, actress Andie McDowell, model Doutzen Kroes and former Spice Girl Geri Horner. A barefoot and smiling Helen Mirren closed the show in a floral dress, running joyfully on stage. Celebrities including Naomi Campbell looked on from the audience of the show, held in the inner courtyard of the neoclassical Monnaie de Paris building. L’Oreal, an official sponsor of fashion week, collaborated with fashion houses such as Balmain, Elie Saab, Karl Lagerfeld and Giambattista Valli to dress its high-profile models. Pictures from the runway have been added to the photo gallery.

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Sep 25

Earlier this evening, “Catherine the Great” celebrated its premiere in London, providing Helen Mirren with an entrance worthy of a Queen. A first batch of pictures have been added to the photo gallery, with more information to come. Edit: Over 100 additional images have been added to the photo gallery with many thanks to Joan for the contributions. Also, video footage from the premiere as well as a news segment by Entertainment Tonight Canada have been added to the video archive.

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