An extensive chronology that features information, quotes and pictures on every year of Dame Helen Mirren's career.
Learn more about every film, theatre play and television series that Helen has done, ranging from 1965 to 2022.
Mirren in her own words: Interviews from the past seven decades, collected from all around the world.
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From attending awards and talkshows to interviews and making ofs, the video archive features hundreds of clips.
Mar 15

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks behind the scenes working on the career pages – an extensive part of the site and my favorite to maintain. The goal is to give the best possible insight into Helen Mirren’s career, from her early days at the Royal Shakespeare Company to Prime Suspect to her recent film careers. So, all pages have been updated with useful tags, which allow you to browse projects by year, genre, venue or author. New pages have been created, for example her work in radio plays as well as television specials and documentaries. All pages have been intertwined with the archive pages, so you now have a comprehensive chronology of every year of Helen Mirren’s career. For a complete overview, have a look at the complete works. Enjoy.

Nov 01

Back in 2013, when I opened this website, the initial idea was to delve deep into Helen Mirren’s career and provide a comprehensive source to learn more about her time with the Royal Shakespeare Company, her odd film projects in the 1970s and 1980s and the iconic “Prime Suspect” – basically everything worth to know about Helen Mirren before she became “The Queen”. Hence the title of this website, The Helen Mirren Archives has lacked the proper archive I have envisioned for so long. Until today. You can now read information and find media on each year of Helen’s career, starting back in 1963 when she joined the National Youth Theatre. There’s a lot to discover, as each page is filled with pictures, quotes, shortcuts to multimedia and bits on the real-life characters she has portrayed. I hope that much more information will be added to the sites in the future to make it the definite Helen Mirren Archives. Enjoy!






Sep 08

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working in the background on updating all of the career pages, covering Helen Mirren’s work in film, on television and the stage, and also adding pages for all her voice work productions. Contrary to my original plan, I didn’t add pages for every documentary appearance or tv special interview, because, well, they’re pretty self-explanatory and most of them are available in the video archive. So, have a look at the all-updated career pages, which are now complete!

Feature Films
Details on all of Helen’s theatrically released films, from Herostratus to Fast & Furious
Television Films and Series
Performances in mini-series and movies made for television, including Prime Suspect
Theatre Productions
Helen’s acclaimed theater performances from the Royal Shakespare Company to Broadway
Voice Work
Audio books, podcasts and narrations in feature films and documentaries
Documentaries & Special Programmes
Appearances in documentaries, on television programmes and tv specials
Online Videos, Commericals & PSAs
Public service announcements, commercials and interviews produced for online video projects
Jul 15

Welcome to the new version of The Helen Mirren Archives. The site has received a long-overdue redesign, and I’ve worked extensively on making all pages look good on mobile devices. The new design comes just in time for an exciting second half of the year – besides the release of “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”, there will be the eagerly-anticipated “Catherine the Great” on HBO and Sky Atlantic in September as well as Bill Condon’s thriller “The Good Liar”, co-starring Ian McKellen, so there will be a lot of to look forward to. Also, there will be lots of new collected materials added to the site in the meantime – including new pictures and dozens new articles for the press library. The career pages will be updated will all current projects and “The Archives” will be launched, I’m pretty sure, I promise 🙂 I can’t believe the site is running for six years now and the most pivotal part, the one I imagined first when creating the site, is still not online. Long story short, enjoy the new site, browse around, and check back for some exciting updates. Enjoy your stay!

Dec 08

Today, a big new section has been launched – the press library. After 5 years and constantly forgetting that this crucial part is missing to the fansite, it’s finally here. Filled with 300 articles so far, you find magazine profiles, newspaper articles and interviews with Helen Mirren from as early as 1968, promoting her feature film debut in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Age of Consent” to the most current interview promoting “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”. Articles can be browsed by year, publication and even cover, as you will find extensive cover galleries for earch decade. While the press library sports a fair number of items, I’m sure there are many more articles out there, waiting to be added. So if you’re a fan, sitting on a stack of magazine articles you would like to share, please drop me a line. Enjoy browsing and reading.