The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots and Other Stories

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Original Release: September 01, 2016 (United Kingdom)
Released by: Penguin Books Ltd.
Author: Beatrix Potter
Available Medium: CD
Running Time: N/A

"A serious, well-behaved young black cat, who leads a daring double life defeating vile villains." When Miss Kitty sneaks out to go hunting in her beautiful boots, she gets herself into all sorts of scrapes, but on this particular night she meets the foxiest hunter of them all - Mr. Tod! This utterly entertaining tale is filled with mistaken identities, devious villains and even an appearance from Peter Rabbit, all brought to life by Academy Award Winner Dame Helen Mirren. Also contains 5 more classic Beatrix Potter tales, read by Golden Globe nominee Anna Friel, including Tale of Peter Rabbit.
Cast & Characters
Helen Mirren (Narrator), Anna Friel (Narrator)
Production Notes
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