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The Merchant of Venice

1967 | Century Theatre Manchester
Directed by: Braham Murray | Literature: William Shakespeare
In a street of Venice the merchant Antonio laments that he is sad but knows not why. His friends Solanio and Salerio try to cheer him up, to no avail. More friends, Lorenzo and Gratiano also try and fail. Antonio's friend, Bassanio, informs him that he intends to seek the wealthy Portia's hand in marriage yet needs financial backing. Antonio though reluctant, offers Bassanio a payment of 3,000 ducats to help him. At Belmont - Portia's house, she laments to her servant Nerissa, that she fears a suitor she dislikes will pursue her hand in marriage.
Cast: James Maxwell (Shylock), Dilys Hamlett (Portia), Helen Mirren (Nerissa)

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