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The Silver Tassie

September 10, 1969 | The Royal Shakespeare Company
Directed by: David Jones | Literature: Sean O'Casey | Production Design: Timothy O'Brien
Dublin amidst the First World War. With a silver victory cup in hand and a bright future ahead of him, football player Harry Heegan (Richard Moore) has been surrounded by a joyous circle of people. But after heading off to battle, his life changes completely. Harry should have been able to choose a life full of hope, as he progressively becomes a victim of war. At the same time interweaving the drama of heartrending romance, the play draws contrast between the extreme conditions on the battlefield, and the mundanity of everyday life in Dublin.
Cast & Characters
Patrick Stewart (Teddy Foran), Ben Kingsley (The Croucher), Helen Mirren (Susie Monican), Bruce Myers (Barney Bagnal), J D Stender (Casualty 1), David Firth (Casualty 2), Ian Dyson (Casualty 3), Jeremy Barlow (Conroy), Phillip Manikum (Corporal), Richard Moore (Harry Heegan), Sara Kestelman (Jessie Taite), Frances Cuka (Mrs Foran), Patience Collier (Mrs Heegan), Clifford Rose (Simon Norton), John Kane (Soldier 1), Bryan Robson (Soldier 2), Robert Oates (Soldier 3), Patrick Stewart (Soldier 4), David Stern (Soldier 5), Martin Bax (Soldier 6), Julian Curry (Staff-Wallah), Glynne Lewis (Stretcher-Bearer 1), Ralph Cotterill (Stretcher-Bearer 2), John York (Stretcher-Bearer 3), Peter Cochran (Stretcher-Bearer 4), Stephen Turner (Stretcher-Bearer 5), Peter Harlowe (Stretcher-Bearer 6), Bernard Lloyd (Surgeon Maxwell), David Waller (Sylvester Heegan)
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