Richard III

April 15, 1970 | The Royal Shakespeare Company
Directed by: Terry Hands | Literature: William Shakespeare | Costume Design: Farrah | Set Design: Farrah | Music: Michael Dress
After years of civil unrest between the royal Houses of York and Lancaster, the Yorkist Edward IV (Patrick Stewart) is undisputed king. His brother Richard (Norman Rodway), plots to seize the throne for himself, removing anybody in his path. Richard decides he needs a wife and sets out to woo Lady Anne (Helen Mirren), widow of Henry VI's heir. Against all the odds he wins her and celebrates by having his brother Clarence (Terrence Hardiman) covertly killed in the Tower. On hearing of Clarence's death, Edward IV is taken ill and dies.
Cast: Patrick Barr (Bishop of Ely), Ian Richardson (Buckingham), Ted Valentine (Christopher Urswick), Ted Valentine (Ciitzen 3), Allan Mitchell (Citizen 1), Gaye Rorke (Citizen 2), Eileen Beldon (Duchess of York), Terrence Hardiman (Duke of Clarence), David Allen (Edward Plantagenet), Matthew Sim (Edward Plantagenet), Mary Rutherford (Elizabeth), Sara Kestelman (Jane Shore), Patrick Stewart (King Edward IV), Helen Mirren (Lady Anne), John Kane (Lord Francis Lovel), Peter Harlowe (Lord Grey), Barry Stanton (Lord Hastings), Terrence Hardiman (Lord Mayor), William Russell (Lord Rivers), Philip Locke (Lord Stanley), Sheila Burrell (Margaret), Kate Sim (Margaret Plantagenet), Richard Jones Barry (Marquis of Dorset), Peter Egan (Murderer 1), Anthony Langdon (Murderer 2), Kieran Healy (Page), Gregory Kahn (Page), Brenda Bruce (Queen Elizabeth), Colin Mayes (Richard Duke of York), Norman Rodway (Richard III), Ben Kingsley (Richard Ratcliffe), Peter Egan (Richmond), Anthony Langdon (Sir James Blunt), Chrstopher Gable (Sir James Tyrrel), Allan Mitchell (Sir Robert Brakenbur), Michael McGovern (Sir Thomas Vaughan), Trader Faulkner (Sir William Catesby)

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