July 22, 1971 | The Royal Shakespeare Company
Directed by: David Jones | Literature: Maxim Gorky | Costume Design: Timothy O'Brien | Set Design: Timothy O'Brien
This powerful drama about the social ferment that culminated in the Russian Revolution is set on an estate in provincial Russia in 1905. In a sun-dappled garden, some factory owners and their wives discuss the unrest among the workers. Rather than submit to a strike, they decide to close down the factory. When an owner is slain in a scuffle with a workman, the ensuing investigation uncovers the socialist fervor that is sweeping the countryside. The play goes beyond depicting class struggle by examining the gulfs between youth and old age, vision and shortsightedness.
Cast: Lila Kaye (Agrafena), Terence Taplin (Akimov), Barry Stanton (Captain Boboyedov), Sebastian Shaw (General Pechenegov), Glynne Lewis (Grekov), Clement McCallin (Inspector), Sara Kestelman (Kleopatra), Reg Lye (Kon), Ralph Cotterill (Kvach), David Waller (Levshin), John York (Lieutenant Strepetov), Patrick Stewart (Mikhail Skrobotov), Mary Rutherford (Nadya), Alan Howard (Nikolai Skrobotov), Brenda Bruce (Paulina), Mary Allen (Peasant Woman), Holly Wilson (Peasant Woman), Phillip Manikum (Pogolly), Edward Phillips (Policeman), Paul Alexander (Ryabtsov), Ben Kingsley (Sintsov), Colin Edwynn (Soldier), Michael Egan (Soldier), Helen Mirren (Tatyana), John Kane (Vyripaev), Patrick Godfrey (Worker 1), Ronald Forfar (Worker 2), Hugh Keays Byrne (Yagodin), John Wood (Yakov Bardin), Philip Locke (Zakhar Bardin)

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