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Hollywood Women

December 02, 1993 | 240 minutes
| Editing: Nigel Timperley | Music: Graham de Wilde, Nigel Martinez
4-part programme giving the British people an insight into the workings of all aspects of the female side of Hollywood.
Cast: Rhonda Shear (Hostess)

Production Notes

From the tv review of The Independent: There are moments when the programme suddenly seems to have an access of shame at its own delirious voyeurism, when it remembers that there are consequences to all this trash, and then it displays proper judgement. A brief, uncluttered exchange on the morality of the film Pretty Woman made you sit up and think (Helen Mirren pointing out, with some justice, that there were young hookers on Sunset Boulevard who might not have been there without it) and the final sequence, a long, virtually unbroken monologue from Vidal Sassoon’s daughter Catya, might have come from a different film altogether. As her BMW cruised round Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive, Catya confessed – a damaged, self- deluding girl, lacquered into a semblance of vivacious control. If this is what happens to the rich ones with contacts, you thought, then God help the rest.

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