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Tracey Takes On… Culture

March 01, 1998 | 30 minutes
Directed by: Michael Lange | Written by: Tracey Ullman, Allan McKeown
Tracey Ullman takes on a different topic in each episode, giving different characters opinions on such things as vanity, royalty and law. In "Culture", Helen Mirren and Billy Connolly guest-star.
Cast: Tracey Ullman (Tracey), Billy Connolly (Rory Cassidy), Helen Mirren (Professor Horen), Rene Auberjonois (William Catesby-Jones), Patricia Belcher (Ida), Kimberly Clayton Jones (Bar Girl), Alastair Duncan (Pip), Adele Givens (Hellura), Olivia Hack (Bethany), Jacqueline Hill (Irish Dancer)

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