Elizabeth I.

September 29, 2006 | HBO | 223 minutes
Directed by: Tom Hooper | Written by: Nigel Williams
Elizabeth I (Helen Mirren) sheds light on both the personal and public side of England's most enigmatic queen. She reunited a nation divided by religious strife and faced down the Spanish Armada. During her time as Queen, poets and playwrights wrote about her, artists painted her, and composers dedicated works to her, all contributing to the legend of the "Virgin Queen" who never married. In the public's mind, Elizabeth's romantic life is nearly completely overshadowed by her political achievements and military triumphs. Elizabeth I looks beyond the myth at the woman behind the crown, striking a balance between the queen's desire to find love and passion, and her responsibility to the monarchy.
Cast: Helen Mirren (Elizabeth I), Jeremy Irons (Earl of Leicester), Patrick Malahide (Sir Francis Walsingham), Toby Jones (Robert Cecil), Hugh Dancy (Earl of Essex), Barbara Flynn (Mary Queen of Scots), Ian McDiarmid (Lord Burghley), Jérémie Covillault (Duke of Anjou), Erick Deshors (Jean de Simier), Simon Woods (Gifford), Diana Kent (Lady Essex), Toby Salaman (Dr Lopez), Geoffrey Streatfield (Sir Anthony Babington), John McEnery (Jesuit Priest), Martin Savage (Stubbs)

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