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Britain by Night

August 24, 2012 | ITV | 60 minutes
Directed by: Kevin Sim | Written by: Kevin Sim
Helen Mirren narrates this ITV1 documentary following a group of characters as they live through a dramatic night. Tony has been cleaning the streets of London for 17 years. But this night he is broken-hearted as his wife has run off with another man. Nisha, an Indian bride, finally gets the opportunity to realise her dream. Szymek, a seven-year-old choirboy, struggles to cope with life away from home as he tries to absorb the history of one of Britain's finest medieval cathedrals. Alan, a DJ, takes a call on his night-time talk show that proves to be too much. Elsewhere, Natalie the midwife wrestles to deliver a baby.
Cast: Helen Mirren (Narrator)
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