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Love 99

2018 | 42 minutes
Directed by: Veronica Brady | Written by: Veronica Brady
Filming over 99 hours in September 2015, director Veronica Brady set out to follow 9 working actors, all deeply committed to the 99-seat theatre scene in LA, and document the unique challenges they currently face. A few months before filming began, Actors’ Equity Association - the actors’ union - announced it would terminate the contract governing and protecting how and when their members could work in the nearly 200 intimate theaters spread across the city. The union would enforce the dissolution of the “99-seat waiver contract,” as its known, against the wishes of its members, who had voted overwhelmingly to keep the contract in place.
Cast: Helen Mirren (Narrator), Richard Azurdia, Deborah S. Craig, Frances Fisher, Amir Levi, Katie Lowes, Rebecca Mozo, Michael Shepperd, Graham Sibley, Daniel David Stewart
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