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Turtle Journey

January 15, 2020 | Aardman Animations, Greenpeace UK | 1:50 minutes
Directed by: Gavin Strange
A family of sea turtles finishes a day visiting the grandparents and head back on their way home. The family find that the road they are taking is blocked by whales and large drills are seen drilling into the ocean floor. The family notice this, but the father turtle says that it's probably just road works. Then, they encounter a stream of waste. When the family finally arrive at their home and find the area quite and believe that their neighbours are on holiday. The son filming the journey turns around and sees a large machine with lights coming towards them, destroying everything in its path. The family alerts the mother turtle, who starts to swim back to the car, only for the camera to cut out.
Cast: Jim Carter (Grandfather Turtle), Olivia Colman (Mother Turtle), David Harbour (Father Turtle), Giovanna Lancellotti (Starfish), Callie Miller (Baby Turtle), Helen Mirren (Grandmother Turtle), Bella Ramsey (Daughter Turtle), Ahir Shah (Son Turtle)
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