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Career > > 2021 > When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren

When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren

June 24, 2021 | ABC Studios | 42 minutes (6 episodes)
| Written by: Russ Armstrong, Russ Armstrong, Walter Kelly, Ryan O'Dowd, David Sidorov, Pavar Snipe, Brad Stevens, Chris Sturgeon, Boyd Vico, Delaney Yeager | Editing: Trevor Ames, Anthony Echegoyen, Nik Jamgocyan
Helen Mirren narrates "When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren", a comedy series that looks at the lighter side of the natural world. Much like the overall tone of the show, this role is designed for Helen to lean into her comedic talents while taking the audience on a visually enchanting and ridiculously hilarious tour of the animal kingdom. Based on a BBC Studios comedy format, the series features comedians putting words into the mouths of beautiful beasts, teeny-tiny frogs, beatboxing badgers and more in captivating footage from all over the world.
Cast: Helen Mirren (Narrator), Michelle Ortiz, Pavar Snipe, Russ Armstrong, Walter Kelly, Delaney Yeager, Alba Ponce de Leon, Chris Sturgeon, Liz Galalis, Brad Stevens, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kane Jungbluth-Murry, Andi Porter, Isaac Robinson-Smith, Meredith Hackman, Eric Lopez, Adam Ray,Tony Rodriguez, Josh Robert Thompson

Production Notes

“I am excited by the opportunity to reveal the ‘true inner lives’ of the noble creatures with whom we share the planet,” said Helen Mirren. “When you’ve won an Oscar®, an Emmy® and a Tony®, the only way to further add to your legacy is to narrate ‘When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren,'” said Rob Mills, executive vice president, Unscripted & Alternative, Walt Disney Television. “Helen Mirren is without a doubt one of the greatest talents of our time, and we consider it a privilege to bring her iconic voice to this series,” said Valerie Bruce, general manager, LA Productions, BBC Studios. “She is the perfect storyteller to take us on this journey as we reimagine the animal kingdom with a comic twist and bring to life the more humorous side of creatures great and small.”

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