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Helen Mirren: A Royal Actress

August 30, 2023 | Arte | 56 minutes
Directed by: Nicolas Maupied | Written by: Nicolas Maupied, Romain Pieri | Music: Laurent Levesque
Not only a theater icon, but also a television and a movie star, the English Helen Mirren and her brilliant career have been impressing the world since the 1960s. She is the only winner of the “Triple Crown of Acting”. She’s an uncategorizable, multi-talented actress, but also a powerful and very feminist woman. She is considered by many to be the greatest living actress. Often associated with the roles of powerful figures in films such as "The Queen", she is a strong feminist activist. Indeed, for almost 60 years, through the characters she chose to play and her attitude behind the scenes, she's an advocate for women's emancipation, relentlessly fighting against sexism.

Production Notes

From Arte’s press release: The British actress Helen Mirren, who made her debut in the film “Age of Consent” in 1969, is particularly famous for her roles as queens – most recently she played Elizabeth II in Stephen Frears’ feature film “The Queen” (2006). The documentary paints the portrait of a strong woman who is guided by her feminist convictions as an actress and in her private life. Mirren, who feels just as at home on the theater stage as in the television studio and on the feature film set, rose to become an internationally celebrated Hollywood star in the 1960s. She has received an Oscar in the category “Best Actress” as well as several awards in Cannes and Venice, among others, and is the only living recipient of the British and US Triple Crowns of Acting.

Helen Mirren is best known for her roles as queens – most recently she played Elizabeth II in Stephen Frears’ feature film The Queen. But the multi-talented actress is far from being pigeonholed. Her feminist beliefs play a fundamental role in her choice of characters, her appearance on film sets around the world and in private decisions; she has taken up the cause of the fight for female emancipation, for gender equality and against sexism. No wonder, when you know that Helen Mirren was raped herself in her youth, was involuntarily considered a “sex queen” in Hollywood and, like so many of her colleagues, fell victim to the mechanisms of a male-dominated cinema industry. Using archive footage, the documentary draws an impressive portrait of the outstanding British actress and her commitment to a better, more equal world.

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