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Moriarty: The Silent Order

November 09, 2023 | Audible | 10 episodes
| Written by: Charles Kindinger
Professor James Moriarty (Dominic Monaghan) is back for a gripping new adventure that finds him joining forces with his bitter rival, Sherlock Holmes (Phil LaMarr). Moriarty tracks down the woman he loves, but discovers that she is trapped in the web of a shadowy cabal of evil that’s growing stronger every day. To fight it, Moriarty must face Lady Milverton (Helen Mirren), a ruthless mastermind whose blackmail poisons the highest levels of power. When he learns that his nemesis Sherlock Holmes is also in Milverton’s grip, the two must set their animosity aside to stop an escalating threat of world war. The all-star cast’s performances, paired with a meticulously crafted sound design, make Moriarty: The Silent Order a truly electrifying audio experience. Come for the heart-pounding thrills, and stay for the biting wit and shocking twists. You’ve been warned: The game is once again afoot.
Cast: Dominic Monaghan (Professor James Moriarty), Phil LaMarr (Sherlock Holmes), Helen Mirren (Lady Milverton), Anya Chalotra, Ross McCall, Arielle Goldman

Production Notes

Season one of Moriarty, The Devil’s Game, was the No. 1 podcast on the Audible platform at launch, and it won best fiction podcast at the Banff Rockie Awards. Returning voice castmembers also include Billy Harris and Curtis Armstrong. Chalotra (The Witcher) joins the ensemble in the role of Agatha, a young maid with secrets.” Moriarty’s sophomore season, available Nov. 9 exclusively on Audible, (spoiler alert) picks up six months after Moriarty survives near death at Reichenbach Falls and tracks down the woman he loves in New York City, where she is trapped in the web of The Order – an evil organization that stretches beyond Britain and the Crown, according to Audible. When he fails to break her free, he returns to London to take down the organization, led by Mirren’s Lady Milverton, the worst woman in London,” per her character description, “a pleasant, charming blackmailer who doesn’t believe in trust, only in leveraging to get people to do what she wants.” Monaghan said in a statement that it was “a treat” to work with the Oscar winner as his new nemesis this season. “Moriarty has always been such an enigmatic character to me and exploring his world through this medium fueled my imagination. I’m delighted to continue telling his story,” the Lord of the Rings star said. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.”

It was lovely to be part of the rich, beautifully realized world of Moriarty. It’s fun for me to take on a villainous role, and I particularly enjoyed delving into the different dimensions of Lady Milverton. This story was my first podcast drama, and I couldn’t imagine a more exhilarating story as an entry into the format. (Helen Mirren)

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