Apr 13

In the past few weeks, I have worked behind the scenes to bring a new, mobile friendly video archive to the Helen Mirren Archives. The old one has stopped working a while ago on mobile devices, so I’m happy to finally launch the new archive. All the clips from the old archive are uploaded, over 900 in total! And there are still a lot of additional clips waiting to be added. From Helen’s first appearance in 1967’s Herostratus to today’s releasing The Fate of the Furious, all of her projects are covered with trailers, featurettes – as well as talkshow appearances, awards ceremonies, news appearances and television specials. My thanks to MonicaN for providing the plugin. Enjoy!

Feb 20

I’m very happy to announce that The Helen Mirren Archives is now located at www.helen-mirren.net, with many thanks to my friend Claudia. Please update your bookmarks. The site also sports a new layout, with a beautiful new image by Peter Lindbergh. The career pages will be updated to the new layout next and there will be a new feature launched soon, so check back for more updates.

Jan 14

Sad news today, apart from the Academy Awards nominations. Alan Rickman has died in London after losing a cancer battle at the age of 69. The British actor, known for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, died surrounded by friends and relatives. A statement from his family read: “The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends.” Rickman played iconic roles in films including Die Hard, Robin Hood and Love Actually. The star was a long-standing member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and has won a number of awards including a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In 1998, Rickman and Helen Mirren performed Antony and Cleopatra at the National Theatre. Helen’s upcoming film “Eye in the Sky”, out on March 11, now has the sad distinction of being Alan Rickman’s last project. Entertainment Tonight has released a statement by Helen Mirren on Alan Rickman’s passing:

Alan was a towering person, physically, mentally and as an artist. He was utterly distinctive, with a voice that could suggest honey or a hidden stiletto blade, and the profile of a Roman Emperor. He was also a great friend, generous and social. He will be very missed by many. (Helen Mirren)

Jan 11

The photo gallery has been updated once again with pictures from the arrivals, show, after-party as well as screencaptures from the broadcast. Also, video clips of the Best Supporting Actress segment and Helen and Gerard Butler’s presentation of the Foreign Language film category have been uploaded to the video archive, alongside three clips of NBC’s arrivals specials from 2016 to 2013.

Video Archive – Award Shows – 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (2016)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Interview (2016)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards Interview (2015)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Interview (2013)

Jan 11

The Golden Globes are handed out as we speak. The Best Supporting Actress award went to Kate Winslet for her performance in “Steve Jobs”. A first batch of pictures have been added to the photo gallery with more to come. Lots of additional pictures from the arrivals, show and after-party have been added.

Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Golden Globe Awards – Arrivals
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Golden Globe Awards – Show
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Golden Globe Awards – After-Party