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Since being a frequent resident and visitor to Puglia, it feels only natural that Helen Mirren has been announced to open the first ever Now! Fest, an international film festival dedicated to the environment, sustainability and social justice. It’s scheduled in Monopoli, Puglia from 3 to 7 June. Mirren joins the numerous national and international stars who will parade on the red carpet of the Kermesse such as: Marisa Tomei, member of the Honorary Committee of Ora!Fest, chaired by John Turturro. Now! Fest wants to be a new cultural event that aims to enhance cinema as an instrument of artistic expression and reflection on the most urgent issues of our time such as social sustainability and environmental culture. The soon-to-be-launched festival website can be found here. Edit: Turns out that Helen has been quite active in the Puglia region as well, attending a couple of events between the promotion for “Fast X” and the Cannes Film Festival. Pictures from a benefit concert for “Save the Olives” and an appearance at the Artigianato d’eccellenza Market Exhibition have been added to the photo gallery.

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