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The Revenger’s Tragedy

May 04, 1967 | The Royal Shakespeare Company
Directed by: Trevor Nunn | Written by: Cyril Tourneur | Literature: Thomas Middleton | Costume Design: Christopher Morley | Production Design: Christopher Morley | Music: Guy Woolfenden
Vindice (Ian Richardson) broods over his fiancee's recent death and his desire for revenge on the lustful Duke (David Waller) for poisoning his beloved nine years before. Now, Vindice's brother Hippolito (Patrick Stewart), in the service of the Duke's son Lussurioso (Alan Howard), persuades his master to engage Vindice, disguised as the malcontented Piato, to pursue his own lustful designs - as it emerges, against their sister Castiza (Helen Mirren). As Piato, Vindice tests the virtue of Castiza, who remains resolute in her honour.
Cast: Terrence Hardiman (Ambitioso), Clifford Rose (Antonio), Helen Mirren (Castiza), Patience Collier (Duchess), David Waller (Duke), Richard Jones Barry (Gentleman 1), Ted Valentine (Gentleman 2), Lila Kaye (Gratiana), Patrick Stewart (Hippolito), Richard Simpson (Judge), Bruce Myers (Junior), David Firth (Lord 1), John York (Lord 2), Glynne Lewis (Lord 3), Martin Bax (Lord 4), Alan Howard (Lussurioso), Robert Oates (Officer 1), Peter Cochran (Officer 2), Stephen Turner (Officer 3), Ian Dyson (Officer 4), Richard Simpson (Piero), Norman Rodway (Spurio), Hugh Keays Byrne (Spurio’s Man), Peter Harlowe (Spurio’s Man), J D Stender (Spurio’s Man), John Kane (Supervacuo), Paul Arlington, Domini Blythe, Ralph Cotterill, David Forbes, Ruby Head, Sara Kestelman, Valerie Minifie, Vernon Morris, David Stern, Ian Richardson (Vendice)
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